Am I ready for a baby? | Can We Do This Baby Thing? - Couple’s Workbook


I love it. Very thoughtful and comprehensive. - Aghogho Boccardi

Parenthood is a sacred responsibility and a life-changing decision and there are countless things to consider before taking that next step. This workbook will kickstart the dialogue between you and your partner, guiding you both through your hopes and fears, and making sensitive topics easy to navigate together. These simple exercises will deepen your bonds, improve your communication, and create a strong and safe foundation for your future family.

Here are some of the topics/questions covered in the workbook:

  • Finances
  • Teamwork
  • Education
  • Parenting style
  • Personal beliefs
  • and many more!

Are you ready to do this baby thing?

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This PDF is also editable, in case there are important questions you’d like to add that aren’t already included.

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Am I ready for a baby? | Can We Do This Baby Thing? - Couple’s Workbook

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